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Oil Change Lube Oil Filter Service
Your vehicle relies on oil, lubrication and an oil filter to keep it running smoothly. Every three months or 3,000 miles, your vehicle should be ready for an oil change.
Check owner's manual for specific recommendations for your vehicle. Oil, lube and filter changes include: Changing the oil filter, Checking the air filter, Checking/topping off all fluids, Lubricating all fitting, Checking engine for leaks, Checking belts and hoses, Checking tire pressure, Checking entire undercarriage.
Oil cleans your engine. It lubricates parts. It helps cool things down. Without it, your engine would be sitting squarely in the center of your local junkyard. Scheduling regular oil changes is vital to the life of any vehicle. The oil filter keeps little bits of dust and other contaminants out of your engine, and helps ensure the oil runs smoothly, so you want to change that every time you change the oil. Imagine how your body would react if your kidneys and liver shut down. The impurities in your blood would build up continually, and it wouldn't take long for your body to completely break down. Oil for your vehicle can be likened to blood to your body. Your vehicle needs clean oil to keep going.
What would happen if you never changed your oil? Well, you'd be lucky to get 30,000 miles out of the car before your engine would collapse. Say you only change your oil once a year. Your car seems to be running fine, so no harm done, right? Not so fast! Your engine has been flooded with contaminants. It won't be long till you come to a standstill. Regular oil changes are as important to your car as daily trips to the bathroom are to you. Now, we won't take the analogy too far, but you get the idea. This one scheduled maintenance may help your vehicle avoid mechanical failures.
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