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What to Do If Your Tires Are Recalled
Hearing that your tires are recalled is not the most pleasant news, but what do you to get them replaced?
How Will You be Notified if Your Tires are Recalled?
Normally when there is a tire recall, the NHTSA will issue a recall notice. Often times purchasers of these specific tire being recalled wll be notified by mail. You can also go online to safercar.gov and determine whether your tires have been recalled. Often times it's broadcast on local news programs. The manufacturer of the tire itself will send you a recall notice.
Contact Your Local Tire Manufacturer
The recall will be done based on a certain tire lot, so the dot number will determine whether those tires are under recall. You can contact your local tire manufacturer representative and they can check your dot numbers on the side of the tire and see if they fall under the recall. If you are ever in question, the simple thing to do would be to call one of the tire manufacturers or one of the representatives in the area, they can direct you on whether or not your tires have been re-called. Once we've determine that your tires do qualify under the recall, there is often times a designated replacement tire by the manufacturer. Simply return to the place where you purchased the tire, and they should be able to take care of you in a timely fashion.
Tips For Buying Sports Tires
Shopping for new sports tires for your car? Consider an all-season or an asymmetrical option, and make sure you choose the correct speed-rated tire.
Vehicle Manufacturer's Specifications
First and foremost, stay within the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Stay within the size that is recommended for your vehicle and the proper speed rating posted on the side of the tire. In other words if you have an 89 H on the side of the tire, stay within that 89 H, or you can go above it, but never go below it. Going down from that speed rating can sometimes change the performance of that vehicle. H rated tires hold their integrity up to 130 miles per hour and V rated hold their integrity up to 149 miler per hour. It's designed to give you performance and handling when cornering, give you a good smooth comfortable ride. A W rated tire will hold it's integrity up to 168 miles an hour. A Y rated tire will hold it's integrity up to 186 miles an hour. They usually start at about 16 inches, but often times, you will find these tires are 18, 20, 22, or 24 inches. The W and Y rated tires are often found on vehicles like Corvettes, or high-end European cars, even Mustangs.
Tire Tread on Sports Performance Tires
Sports performance tires are primarily made for looks and performance. Some are performance tread patterns, but we also have all-season tread patterns. It's good to look for longer lasting tread. An asymmetrical tire, this part of the tread will be different from this part of the tread. Advantage to this one is cornering, it gives you superb cornering capabilities. Ths part of the tire also gives you all-season traction. It's basically combining sports performance and giving you all-season capabilities.
What Is Tire Siping?
Tire siping can greatly improve traction and reduce noise while driving. Learn what siping is and how it is beneficial for your tires. Tire siping is the process of cutting slits in your tires. The two main functions of tire siping, are number one, traction and number two, noise reduction. Siping is built into your tread, it is a part of your tread. In the past, often times you would purchase a tire, and the tire seller would add on tire siping, and basically would use a cutting machine or a cutter to sipe your tires. Nowadays, tires are so technologically advanced, most tire siping is designed by computerization, by the tire manufacturer and has many built in features.
Tire Siping and Tire Technology
You see these little nodules inside here, and right here you will see the little nodules inside there, and those if you get in a situation where you are hydroplaning, or skidding, they'll just lock together and give you a better surface contact. Often times if you were to sipe your tires, today it would void your warranty on that tire and may change the effectiveness that the tire manufacturer put into the tire. Even within the siping itself there are features built in, such as interlocking tread blocks to increase traction, to give you better surface contact, better water evacuation, snow evacuation, even better handling on icy conditions. The more siping that you have across that tread, the better traction you are going to have.
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